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We have 4 people in a team called Marmoset(, playing different roles for a project designing a website (Healthy Leaves) to helps a social group track and maintain their healthy lifestyle.

The website Healthy Leaves( is designing for a group of people with a common interest in losing weight and living a healthy lifestyle gather to discuss their diet and well being. Their goal is to lose a weight and, more importantly, to improve their health by practicing a healthy diet.

We have done a sequence of  research on our social group members in order to design such a  user centered website. It includes Cultural Probes, Personal, Informances, Journey Framework,Workshop and User Testing.

Healthy Leaves provides a platform for members to interact and share their experience with physical activity and healthy cooking. It also offers to track their nutrition, and transforms related data into infographics that assist members in understanding, comparing and ranking against each other’s progress. The system ranks the users based on their progress in daily nutrition intake and exercise. They earn points by reaching goals like consuming the recommended amount of  calories, or performing a given amount of physical activity.Lastly, the recipe sharing system helps users share and explore new food directly from people they can trust.

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Design Value:

  • Gamification
  • Healthy life Management
  • Motivation
  • Recipe Sharing

Ranking: Healthy Leaves has a ranking system based on the healthy tracker (nutrition) and physical activity the users are already input to keep track of their health progress. Members are awarded for meeting goals, rather than consuming the least fat or exercising the longest. This encourages them to set smart goals for themselves and increases fairness among members. The ranking creates a simple gamification effect among the group members that we hope will motivate them to reach their goals.

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Profile: The profile shows each member’s health information, like their current weight and height. This data is used to help suggest nutrition and physical activity goals, and they can choose wether it is public or private to the rest of group. Additionally, this is where they refine and input what goals they have for their healthy lifestyle (nutrition and activity based). Points earned count towards their ranking position that is also shown on their profile. Another important part is reminders that keep members on track with what kind of food they should consume to match their goal in the healthy tracking system. The reminders also help with scheduled exercise and activities during the week.

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Healthy tracker: This tool helps visualize and track daily consumption of food from member’s input (or their favourite items list). Points are earned by consuming equal or less than the goal they set in their profile, or when they consume less than the recommended amount. There are exceptions with the minimum values. For showing information, we have two circles in the page for each nutrition. The outer green circles represent the suggested amount of fat, calories and sodium, and inside orange circle represent the accumulative amount they consume throughout the week.

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Activity tracker: Members input their activities based on what level (easy, moderate, intense) of activities they have done each day, and how long they did it for. This helps track physical activity over time, and is part of the gamification since meeting activity goals will affect their ranking.

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Recipe: The system provides a platform that allows members to share and discuss trusted healthy recipes they created themselves or they learned about elsewhere. Based on the information we collected during the participatory workshop, most of them have used recipes before and they prefer to use recipes that are credible and have been tried by friends or family.

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